Don't touch anything

So i made this game for mobile, where you can’t touch the ‘balls’ (pink enemies, can’t touch the walls (animated red walls) but you can touch the pink walls that the enemies can’t touch.

aim: get to the epileptic computer


pc controls:
space - jump/double jump
left arrow
right arrow

there’s a few issues that i need help with.

i set up start button so it starts level 1 AFTER the animation 3 is played but doesnt work so u gotta click it twice

the joystick only moves you left

the fire button doesn’t work

when a ball is killed, it adds 1 (0, 01, 011, 0111) instead of (0, 1, 2, 3 ect.)

maybe some code will help tonfind the problem

Updated the link with an exe

sorry but i meant source code to see where is the problem, the exe won’t help much

Here’s what I’ve got for the joystick movements

sorry a screen capture would be easier (print screen key and then paste on paint or word), i don,t really see how your events are related :sweat_smile:
could you provide the json? it will be easier to understand code

here’s the JSON

will try to solve thins :sunglasses: no promises

problem one solved, I think
check this out

sorry no need for at the beginning of scene I use to initialize variables there but this time I declared it on scene properties

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Thanks. I’ll try that when i get home.

thanks it worked. now to fix the joystick!