Doodle Jump problem [Orientation]

Hey all,

I have a problem with Orientation Gamma. I use this action in other orientation games. And there it is working.

But in this game the player doesnt move left and right. This is also the only game that uses the platform behavior. But when i use the same force action but without the Orientation Gamma to test it out, that works. I can move it exaxtly how i want.

Example of the game mecanic. :

What am i doing wrong? Can somebody help me? These are the last problems i have with my game.

Thanks in advance,


I’m guessing the problem is in the platformer behaviour then… Does it have any other behaviours? I believe the physics behaviour requires you to use the behaviour’s forces, rather than the generic ones.
Check if you have a speed limit on the PC in the platformer behaviour.
And if all else goes bad, you might be able to make it work by using “simulate left/right” and using changing the platformer-based variables (like max acceleration).


But i dont understand how to do the right conditions for acceleration. Do You maybe have a example? Can i maybe put a code there instead of a variabel?