Doom like game?

Hello everyone! Im new to GDevelop.

I’ve been searching around for a engine that works on my old-ubuntu laptop and i’ve been liking GDevelop so far, i’ve seen some videos about a 3D Game called Jeux Suis fan (something like that, dont remember correctly) and i liked the fact that GDevelop has or had 3D support.

Apparently there’s no 3D support for GDevelop 5, is there any way that i could create a game like Doom and Wolfenstein?

By the way, i know that raycasting and 3D isnt the same thing, but either simple 3D or raycasting would do fine for what i have in mind.

EDIT: Also, is there a way to do Mode 7? For both doom-like/3D and mode 7 if it is possible all you have to do is point me to the right direction, a complete code isnt necessary (altough i would love it). Thanks!


I can’t answer on every points but :

  • GD5 doesn’t 3d box for now, but can use GD4, it’s still used for a lot of user right now (for “native games”, wich are currently not supported by GD5).

  • There are several 3D projects being made with Gdevelop, and for wich you can find examples : There is wolfenstein style 3D example coming with GD4, and the all (or almost) the examples from “jeux suis fan” are coming with sources on his youtube channel :

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Ah, i was hoping that GDevelop would have some support, i’ll take your advice and stick with GD4. Thanks!