Door spawn system

I want to make a door system and move to the next scene, but how to make my player back to his position before he comes in (on the marked image)? bcs if I use “move to the current scene”, it will spawn on the beginning spawn location.

thanks before

I remember doing this just add an Sprite name it StartPoint and then check the max level reached and depending in that move the StartPoint and Create or spawn your player to the position of the StartPoint
For instance in my game is like

if you select Level1 and the maxLevelReached = 1 the StartPoint is in position 128,128 and if the maxLevelReached > 1 the StartPosition is 640,128 which is the door position too, so move the player to the StartPosition.

You need to set some variables like currentLevel to get the current level selected and MaxLevelReached to get the max level reached in the game.

alright… let me try this
big thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: