Dots game creating

Hi, I’m new to programming and I don’t know anything yet. Could you help me with a question? I wanted to create a game where it was possible to connect dots, in any sequence, as in a game of connecting dots to form a figure, but with the user free to connect the dots wrongly or out of sequence, or backwards.

Sure we can help, but you haven’t asked a question.

Hi, MrMen is right, it is not really clear which part of your idea is difficult for you to implement.

If you are just starting with Gdevelop it is really recommendable to follow one or two of the tutorial projects, even though they are not related to the actual game you want to make. If you want to get help for your game idea you need to be more specific. For instance, are the dots randomely created etc.? Connecting dots could be achieved with the shape painter tool. Here is an example how this works GDevelop 5, but it is not necessarily the easiest thing to do as a beginner.


This game exists already. It is called Oh, my Dots! (check it out here: I’m not sure if it was made with gdevelop…