Double click to add condition/actions without need of pressing OK

I often add conditions or actions in which i do not need to change anything
Like OR statement (if one of these is true)
Or like at beginning of scene condition
Or flipping animation

Sometimes i need to add condition or action where info i need to fill is taken from another condition/action
And so i need to press OK to see in events sheet what are the values i need to use
Like i have action to change position of object where i specify X and Y position
But then i need to add another action for different object where i only need to change X position

And idk from what i have it but i am trying to double click condition or action to just add it

IDK if it would be useful for others but i find that kind of feature to be intuitive for me

Proper description would be
When you click on condition on action that enables OK button in lower right corner
It should be possible to just double click that condition or action to simply add it to event sheet like you would click OK button