Double Jump with Finite State Machine won't work somehow

Hi everyone, I’ve tried to following an example of Finite State Combo from one of the member here.
It’s such a good experience for me. It just probably my knowledge is too limited as of now.

My double Jump won’t work.
I’ve screenshot my event example. I hope someone can tell me where do I go wrong.

Hi, Esdeepee!

I didn’t tested here, but aren’t you forgetting to change the variable gs_double_jump to 1?
And it looks like your variables gs_is_jumping and gs_jump_count never goes back to 0.
That example you are following is a complete example or just a screenshoot? Take care because maybe you are trying to copy something that’s not complete.

You can solve it using the extension Advanced Platformer Movements. It allows, in a practical way, to add to the player the possibility of performing two jumps (or more) and also other movements, like wall jump, coyote time, etc.

Here’s from the double jump example:

Don’t forget to reset the variables, and if you’re stuck, display the variables in text objects, you’ll find out what’s going on.

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Thanks for the advice everyone, I manage to kinda fix it with all the suggestion you mentioned. I posted a screenshot in case someone needed it.

I ended up using an external behavior, and paying more attention to the variables.