Doubt linking objects

This is the first time I’m trying to use “link objects” and I’m facing some issues!
I have a object “tile” coming from the top of scene (with a top down behavior)
When it collides against a “bar” at the bottom of scene, it stops falling and stays on top of the “bar”.
So, I linked both, “bar” and " tile"
I then click on scene and “bar” moves 40 px to the right.
Isn’t suposed the “tile” should move together with the “bar”?
I used : “Take into account linked objects” in a condition before move the bar, but only the “bar” moves.
I searched for an example, but did not find any.
Any help please?

You need to add the Force to both object or add an action to take into account linked object.

Check this there is an example of linked objects maybe helps to understand

Search for

Thanks! I’ll check it later.