Doubt with storage function

Guys i made a game with saving option in it, i m using storage to save the player’s progress but there is a problem i m facing, whenever i release an update to that game and the user update it his saved progress is all lost and they have to start it from start.

Is there a way to overcome this problem
cause i know the storage can save until you uninstall the game and updating is like same thing(installing the game again)
NOTE: its an android game so i cant use file system

so if anyone got any solution then please let me know asap
Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you share the events screenshots??

The first line which takes the value of whatever in storage and keeps it in the variable which i can use anywhere
and below i have used the write function to write the value to the storage thats it
so it works fine and if i uninstall the game from my android and reinstall it the storage memory is gone

I think I Didn’t get it what do you want? Your events looks ok to me

yea i know they are ok and i m familiar with the storage function about how it works.

I wanted to know if there is a way to do this:
whenever i launch an update of my game, user have to update it and when he updates all of his saved progress is reset(or say lost). Is there a way to keep the saved progress after updating the game by the user?

If you are not scared of going technical, you can use JavaScript events to add code that will use the filesystem API you can find searching Cordova filesystem on google. You will have to install NodeJS and Cordova. Use the manual android iOS export. Use the cordova command line utility to add the plugin for filesystem. Build then using phonegap build.

I think you need to use javascript for this

well looks like thats out of my hands for now
i do know javascript but not that much thats why i came to GD

hAHA same here :sweat_smile:

The storage is deleted, as any Android app, if you remove the app from your phone. To keep an app data, in your case the progress stored in your game, you have to install updates of the game without uninstalling it.


yea the update is done without uninstalling
when i tap on it, it prompts that this is new update of your existing app do you want to continue ?
and when you install it it resets everything

Hi Mucy, I found your post very interesting. Have you solved your problem?

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