Downgrade to 5.0.0-beta97?

I had ‘Auto download and install updates’ turned on and GDevelop has just upgraded to 5.0.0-beta98 from 5.0.0-beta97. Unfortunately this has broken the game I am developing. I’d like to reinstall beta97. From where can I obtain a copy?

What seems to have broken is, I have a game level with ~300 sprite instances and some of them have an instance variable ‘Draggable’ set to ‘1’. This tells the game which of the sprites are draggable. In the new update, many of the sprites marked ‘Draggable’ are no longer draggable and when I check the debugger I can see in those instances that ‘Draggable’ is set to ‘0’. There is nothing in my code that flips a sprite from being draggable to being not draggable and this was not happening in beta97.


While I don’t know of any changes with any of the behaviors in b98 from b97, you can definitely give it a shot: Releases · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

You can download every version of GD5 ever released from the above link. You’ll want to disable auto-update before you uninstall the new version, though, else you’ll just update again as soon as you install the old one.

There is no change with the variable system in the lastest update b98.
I think you have used an previous build ?
Or your events affect the variables.
Also if you select the instances on scene you can edit all the variables in one time in the properties panel on left.