Dr.Mario Style puzzle color matching tetris game?

I’d like to know how to make Dr.Mario style game so i can make it for my upcoming project soon, up for 4 players local multiplayer offline.

Hi, since you have pushed this request up again, it seems to be important for you - so I’ll give you my opinion.

The problem with requests like yours is that it is so general that if there is no tutorial series we could link you to or someone hasn’t made exactly the same game already, it would require that someone else in the forum is making the entire game for you. This is very unlikely to happen.

Aside from that, based on your request, no one knows if you have already implemented something and which are the parts that give you trouble.

To get help I would recommend to make a list of all the mechanics that you need for doing the game in the most basic way, so that it would be possible to implement them through the events. If you get stuck, you could ask here how to implement this one part, showing the events that you already have. I am pretty sure that you would get a solution very quick.

I would start to make the game for single players. Unfortunately there is no example project that matches the Dr. Mario game concept but for inspiration and for understanding how some of the game mechanics may work, you could look into the Tetris game example: Tetris demo - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop (for the movement of the pieces, the board etc.) and into this example here Bim bam - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop to learn how colors can be checked.

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