Drag & Drop

Hi, guys. In my game i have sprites that have to be dragged and dropped from current position to another. Need Help with this. Thanks!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Give them dragable behavior.

Sorry, i wasn’t clear. Upon giving certain condition, if the objects are eligible , they can be dragged. Any help with this? :smiley:

Add the Draggable behavior to the object you want to drag, for example the object Coin. If you do it, all the Coin instances (object Coin placed in the scene) will be draggable.
Finally, if you want to make a specific Coin instance to be draggable or not, use the action to De/activate the Draggable behavior. In your case, in the event that set an object as eligible, activate the behavior :slight_smile:
:exclamation: By deefault, the behaviors are activated at the beginning of the scene