Draggable automatism doesn't work

I made a circle sprites and added “Draggable by mouse” automatism to them, but it doesn’t work - during the preview I cannot drag this circles by mouse. Why?
I added the event that when mouse cursor is on a circle and left button pressed activate automatism “Draggable by mouse” but still it’s not working. :frowning:

Can you post a screenshot of your event or upload your file?

I think you should left the automatism activated because it already manage the mouse clicks.

Do not disable the automatism. Everything is handled by the automatism itself :slight_smile:

I tried with no conditions to activate the automatism but nothing changed.
not_draggable.zip (3.92 KB)
Then I made another project - added coin sprite, added automatism “Draggable by mouse”, and without any events I can drag it with mouse during the preview.
draggable.zip (2.46 KB)
What I’m doing wrong in the first example? :confused:

I suspect this is a bug.

  • I recreated the project. First I added a circle sprite and made it draggable by mouse. It worked.
  • Then I added a board (panel sprite) and copies of the circle sprite. It still worked fine. In the preview I could move any of the circles by mouse.
  • Then I added an event: “when there is 37 circles, the cursor is on a circle and left button pressed destroy the circle”. It should remove the first circle and others I still shall be able to drag. But after removing one circle I was not able to drag others.
  • OK, I removed the event I was just created, but I still can not drag the circles anymore.