Draggable not working in html5

i have made an arcade game which includes the “draggable” behavior. i have successfully compiled it to a .exe and the game is fully working on my pc. the problem is that my main platform im developing it for is android, and its compiled with cordova from html, and its giving me some bugs. the problem is that first the game works, but after i switch back to the scene after the game over scene, the dragging(main character/object) doesnt work. i tried this with other objects and i still have the same problem, dragging doesnt work after i come back to the game scene. i tried to put top down movement and it works properly, all the time on both platforms. the wierd part is that it works at first, but after i start it again it doesnt.

any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

It might be a bug with Cordova actually, I’m not sure what you could do. Maybe try to activate the draggable object behaviour at the beginning of the scene regardless if it deactivated or not. I know it works at first and probably you don’t deactivate it but it might just work around the problem whatever it is and force the behaviour to work even if you restart…

You can write draggable object code yourself in the events without too much effort. :wink: