Draggable Object with another object attached to it

Hello everyone! Hello from a certified GDevelop NOOB! I’m on my 3rd day of using GDevelop and I have been loving it, but of course I hit a wall that I cannot figure out on my own and god knows I’ve tried. So I’ve come here to ask for your help for which I would be intensely grateful!

My issue is this:
I have one object (lets say a diary) which I want to be draggable (this I know how to do) but I also need it to have a clickable hotspot (lets say a lock) which when clicked will trigger an action (the diary opens) but I, for the life of me, can’t figure out how to link the “lock” hotspot to the “diary” so that when I drag the “diary” the “lock” would be dragged with it and would always remain in its place.

I’ve experimented with Object Groups, with Linked Objects but I just can’t figure it out. Is there such thing as nesting or grouping or putting objects into the same instance or shell in GDevelop?

I would be very grateful if someone can shine some light on this.

Open the “Pin object to another multiple parents” project example you will get objects linked to another one :wink:

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Thank you so much for this! Super grateful to you Bouh! I will now try to solve this puzzle!