Draggable player breaks through platform

Have a Player with draggable behavior and a sprite with platform behavior below it. When I run the game the player lands on the platform as expected. Now I drag the player left/right/up everything is fine.

But when I drag him down player breaks through the platform. Arent platforms supposed to be unbreakable.

Also tried same thing with player (draggable, not platformer) surrounded by four sided boundary. Again everything is cool but when you force the player against any of the walls player crashes out of the enclosure.

Any way to prevent this?

Platforms only interact with the platformer (Platform character) behavior. I don’t think they’re intended to interact with draggable at all.

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The draggable objects just changes positions of the object to the mouse, so if the player is moved under the platform the platformer character behavior will think you delibeately teleported the player on the other side of the platform.

Thanks. Kind of off topic but noticed a similar behavior in a Unity brick breaker game wherein the ball whenever hit a certain speed broke through the paddle.