Draggable problem (important)

is it possible 2 draggable objects to be controlled at the same time?

Make a test project and try it (it’ll have to be on a multi touch device). Create an object with the draggable behaviour. Put 2 instances of it on the scene and then try dragging them.

If that doesn’t work, then you can create the dragging ability yourself, but you’d have to keep track of each touch and what object the touch was on.

So, in a nutshell, yes, it is possible.

Can you explain me more specify? I pass my code .)

This worked for me.

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what do you do? can explain me when I have to put this in my code? thankss

Can you help me bro? its important

this is the answer you are looking for.
make an object group and put your draggables in that group.
then replace fruit from ThatOneBeing´s events with your groupname.
put it anywhere in your events.

please at least try to implement it, and don’t make more topics about it.