Dragonbones implementation

I’ve been experimenting with rigged 2D animation and I think GD would benefit from an implementation like that.

I suggest Dragonbones for an implementation of this kind because it’s free and it have opensource libraries ready to be implemented iwth Pixi.

With something like that it will be possible to fully animate 2d characters using few sprites, optimizing memory usage and having smoother fully tween-based animations.

Hi @erdo I already ask for this but no interest I think it would be nice not only Dragonbones but Spriter or Spine too.

Spriter is great but paid
Spine is expensive as h€ll.
I tried to port the Construct 2 plugin for Spriter to GDevelop but my knowledge of javascript is not good to make such a port.

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For some context, Dragonbones used to be implemented in the engine.

Unfortunately, the libraries needed to make it work (DragonbonesJS) are no longer maintained (last update 5 years ago), and the maintainer of the implementation for GDevelop disappeared, it also apparently was very rarely used.

Most dragonbones libraries that were part of the main project are somewhat broken and/or no longer work at all(Phaser’s branch is dead, PixiJS specific branch is dead, etc).

With the above in mind, unless someone makes their own branch that is fully compatible with PixiJS (or specific to GDevelop), it is unlikely it would ever be implemented again.

I found this one that supports PixiJs and ThreeJs. (As far as I know, gdev at least supports one of these two)
Not sure if it can be implemented tho (it is something that the devs/ contributors can tell if can be implemented or not), but I still thought bringing it up might help, here is the link for the Github page of it :

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But thats for Creature which is a paid software
Basic: 50 USD
Upgrade to Pro from Basic: 99 USD
Enterprise: 800 USD
What we want is something integrated into GDevelop like it is in Cocos Creator
Basically a timeline editor with the abillity to move, rotate, and tween the object.
Maybe the Devs or even Florian can make some bounty thing for someone to make this happen.

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Huh, didnt realize the price thing. I looked around for a bit and i saw nothing related to prices. Apologies.
Will still try looking around for something, as the idea of a skeleton/ bone/ rigging system being added is very interesting to me :+1:

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Update :
So I found something called “Rive”
It was stated on the github that it falls under the “MIT licence”, it is also mostly made using TypeScript.

Idk if it can be integrated, but I thought it would still be nice to see if it is possible or not, that is why I will share it here ^^

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I tried rive a few days ago and, personally, I had the impression that it was not intuitive at all and not very adapted to game dev. Support would alsonot be fully integral, if intgerated - their format is proprietary and their editor closed source, so we could add the rendering of rive files but not the rive editor itself to GDevelop.


I see and that is okay. I was just interested in helping a bit. The idea of being able to load the files in Gdevelop seem interesting, but then again, it is up to the dev team if this should be done or not :grin:

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Just to chime in, Arthuro’s just adding details on what could/couldn’t be possible. We appreciate you digging into it options even if none are currently really viable.


This looks to fit in pixiJS