draw a circunference in base to range

in gd is possible drawing function like circle and set variable of circunference to my variable?
i don’t have find this function and i have try to scale an imagee io 3x3 pixel, but not good effect
i wait for users ispirations
PS i work on a snake game that have created with enigma-dev

I’m not exactly sure what you want to do? :confused: So I’m guessing a bit here…

Draw a circle in paint or GIMP or something that is somewhere near the largest size you want it. e.g. If the biggest you expect the circle to get is 150x150 then do a circle in that size. Then just use the scaling tools to make it the appropriate size in game. This is what I did in a tower defence game to display the range of a tower. Each tower had a range variable. When you clicked on the tower, one of these circles was created and the scale changed (using the sprite → change scale) to tower.Variable(range) / 150.

Is this what you mean? Or do you mean for the user to draw a line and to generate a circle from that?