Draw line from object to object

I’m making a game where parrying is a mechanic, there is an enemy that shoots at you, I wanted to make a cool effect that draws a line from the point in which the bullet was parried towards the enemy that shot the bullet, I think that the correct way to do this would be with the shape painter object, however I have never used this object and I have no idea how it works.
Is what I’m trying to do possible?

This draws from player to mouse cursor
So you need to adjust it to your needs

Where this is how i set up shape painter

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It works, it’s drawing the line, turns out I forgot to put the Shape painter object in the scene, however I’ve run into another problem, I plan to have multiple enemies in my game but the line seems to only draw towards one single enemy when various bullets are parried.

That because you aren’t iterating over the bullets and gunners.

In that last event, you need to add a repeat for each bullet, and in there find all the Gunners linked to the bullet, and inside that add a repeat for each gunner (so it becomes a nested repeat) and draw to each gunner.

And get rid of that “Trigger once” condition.

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