Drive bike

Hi, Please look at my mockup. I want:

  1. Ease in/out tire when start/stop bike movement.
  2. change bike angle when this is on aslant area.

Can anyone help? thank you :slight_smile: (21 KB)

As it’s a fully physic problem, I suggest the physics behaviour (it was made for this kind of things). But as far as I know the physics behaviour doesn’t support spring type joint (prismatic, I think), emulating a suspension would be as tricky as emulating it with the platformer behavior…

Finally, changing the bike inclination from the platform slope, and making the tires to follow the platform slope too will not be easy with the platformer behaviour or will have a poor performance, really :frowning:

Thank you Lizard-13

Whats your suggest for ease in/out rotate tire? I use this, I think right pressed is work good, but when add left pressed ease in/out dont work.