Dual Range Slider

Feature Request:

The draggable Slider with 2 Thumbs, so that the smaller value can never be greater than the larger value when the user sets a range.

What happens if the two “thumbs” get too close to each other?

like price filters you can see on websites, thumbs touch at minimum setting. They do not overlap and thus the control of the thumbs is still possible. The smallest gap remains.
But it makes sense, because otherwise there would be no range that you need.

If you have a slider from 0-20, with tic spacing 1, the tumbs have a minimum range of 1. Example: thumb1 stops at 8 and thumb2 at 9.
Finer settings by longer track or smaller thumbs.

I see.
That sounds like a very valid request.
Did you take a look at the slider extension to see if you could make that change yourself? :innocent:
Once the extension is installed, you can open it in the extension editor.

I have not tried yet. But will try it via the editor the coming days. Maybe it works well.