Duplicate animation frame uses same source image

When using the “Duplicate Selection” on animation frames, the source image file of the original frame is also used for the duplicated frame, and both frames have the same source image. If one is edited, the changes also appear in the other frame.

Can this be fixed so when a frame is duplicated, a copy is also made of the source image and applied to the new frame?

My understanding is this behavior is by design, and works the same way that duplicating an object works (keeping the resources the same).

However, if you open the duplicated frame in piskel, you can use the Save As functionality to save it as a new frame.

I can understand it with objects, but I can’t grasp why anyone would want that with frames that get duplicated within the same animation. If it was to another animation, then I’d understand. But not if it’s the same one.

And I can’t see the “Save As” option in Piskel. Am I overlooking something obvious?

Oh wait, I’m a doofus. I’m thinking of single frame objects, no save as with animations.

When you duplicate a frame in Piskel, it creates it as framename-0.png once you save.

With that in mind, I’d agree that it might make more sense for duplicating it in the object editor to do the same.

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