Duplicating a scene - bug?

Hi! I have a global object in a scene (let’s call it “Start”), and at the beginning of the scene I create the player at the position of that object.

I copied the scene, created a new level and placed the “Start” object, but when I preview the new scene, the player gets created at the same location as the “Start” object in the original scene, not where the object is in the copied scene. It seems the copied scene still reads from the original scene.

Is this bug? Am I not supposed to copy scenes like that?

I can’t reproduce it, it works for me.
Do you use external layouts or events?

Hey, no, not yet. I will move some stuff to external events, but for now everything comes directly from that event.

So I should not have any dependencies on the original event after making a copy?

No actually not. You can try it with a fresh scene only with the two projects. Maybe it helps to find out what influences this in your project.