Duplicating Position Precisly Checkbox

I think their should be an option in the settings of GDevelop where you can click a checkbox for Duplicating objects directly at the same position. I thinks sometimes its nice to tell that you duplicated a object, But sometimes I have to make a map or something symetrical and being able to just move it on the X-axis instead of the Y-axis would make it a lot easier.

I am requesting a checkbox, so when checked , the next time I duplicate a object in with create it at the exact position.

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Hello Luckythespacecat
Just to clarify: are you talking about duplicating objects with the event sheet, or object instances on the scene? (I understood the second, but I just wanted to be sure).

Duplicating objects in the scene.

Object instances on the scene

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On Designer’s visual-based softwares that I’ve used so far (Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma…) this action is achieved with Shift+Ctrl+V. There is no need for a checkbox on the UI to tell the app to paste it on top of a copied element.
That could be a cleaner way to do so. :slight_smile:

Maybe this dosent apply to what your doing in your project… but why not just use the “grid” function?

If you setup a grid, then have it show, when every you move an object it will “snap” to the grid.

This also happens with copy / paste, pasting or “dupping” an object will create the object at the mouse position but instantly snapping it to the closest grid point.

Using a grid makes the experience of working on a scene much better :slight_smile: