Dynamic Array to Deal Cards to Hand

How do I…
a) Create a Dynamic Array?
b) What is the syntax to tween an object to a specific location in the dynamic array to simulate “drawing a card to a 3 x 2 array”.

What is the expected result

I expect to tween an object to a dynamic 3 x 2 array but I’m currently stumped on how to do it.

Explain what should happen when you run the game.

What is the actual result

Currently I am tweening objects to known x,y coordinates, but want the objects to instead tween to a dynamic 3 x 2 array.

I don’t think there are any static variables in GD… just make an array variable and populate it with whatever coordinates you want.

The way it is done in the variable editor would look like one array with 3 children, each of which are themselves an array with 2 children.

However in the events you can reference it like most other languages with array[a][b]