Dynamic Spirit and Dynamic timer

I have a game where I create a sprite and a text for this sprite dynamically. I can have 10 sprite with there text. Also I want to create a timer for each of these sprite that will delete them after that. Now first how I can Link each sprite with its text so I can easily delete them. I know I can use Object variable but hopping to find better way.

How I can use a timer for each of these sprite?

First, read this topic, and especially this post, from the three warning symbols: [url]Really need to learn how to do this...]
It talks about the way to “link” two objects, and why you need for-each loops, in your case the sprite and the text.
:bulb: Once you understand it you may also want to take a look to the “Linked objects” extension, it links instances too, in a more friendly and readable way.

For the timers, you have object timers too, they’re like object variables (i.e. each instance will have its own timer running), you can read about it in the wiki, here:
and here: