Earn Gd Coins via The Forum of Gdevelop

Hey everyone,

I have an exciting idea to share with you all: what if we introduced a system where users could earn Gd coins by receiving likes on their forum posts? Here are the key benefits:

  • Incentivize constructive contributions
  • Discourage spam
  • Boost engagement within the community

To make this system possible, we can link our GDevelop account on the forum, similar to how we’ve done it for Github.


while this is a Great Idea, I’m wonder what the worst scenario could happen

Fix your topic title from games to coins
I use like icon here to let know user i did read his reply if i did not have anything to add
I would wish if your idea will come to life
To give me other icon to do so

As a downside
Ppl that will come here to help will get most coins since they solve problems
Where other ppls will either get none or next to none
So it will be not about work you put into your game
But knowledge you posses at least in most cases
I would not see it as fair system

You right, a little lapsus :sweat_smile:

which I believe is really honest to reward those who know, so we will have a more homogeneous and active community of experts ready to help others and as such it is right that it is rewarded. in this way all Gdevelop novices will have quick and effective answers for example in the forum “How do i…?”, Whoever helps is also rewarded physically (or digitally it would be more correct to say) in addition to a pat on the shoulder and everyone they are extremely happy, then the loop repeats itself endlessly because the new ones who learn the engine will be even more inclined to help others on the Forum.

@RACTS the only thing would be to remove like spam, it doesn’t take much to create a couple of accounts and fill even a meaningless post with likes

I hope i am wrong
PPL that come here now to help do cause they like to solve problems/share knowledge/face a challenge

I hardly see how coins would change that
I would assume it will attract ppl that want coins but their knowledge is so limited they will look more like clowns rather than ppl that can provide actual help
Someone who have knowledge to help will most likely won’t come here lured by chance of getting coins
Look what we have on discord right now
I don’t have that much time now to help
And many new users try to help
Where they do provide valuable help i can’t deny that
But in most cases i see they rather TRY to help rather than provide actual help

Like i said i hope i am wrong on that
But in my eyes it would lead into this

Not to mention E-begging would start

I helped you solve your problem?
Like my posts now

Yeah, I totally understand what you mean. It’s something really hard to prevent; in this case, I can’t say too much, it really depends on the community and how it’s built. Mine is more of an opportunity to reward people who help others, but there’s a high risk of farmers.

You know i help left and right
I can’t see me be more willing to help or less just because you offer me some coins
This is MY PERSONAL opinion i can’t speak for others
But for sure i would not come here to earn some coins

And i am only seeing more ppl abusing it rather than benefiting from it

BUT hopefully i am wrong
Maybe it won’t be that bad

But considering how many kids i see here
I can clearly see how they will act knowing there is something to earn without big effort

I am not against your idea i say reward ppl for their work always
Providing help is work so i am all in
I only care to look at both sides of COIN

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I think I can ZeroX4’s arguments understand/agree.
Maybe the quality of posts would be decreased just for the sake of likes.
But there is not even the aspect of helping and getting coins for it.

Imagine all of the possible fake accs which would appear, they would give likes each other to farm these coins.
I don’t think that it would be a good idea to get coins for likes.

This is a cool idea, I like it :smiley: