Earning money with ads

is it like a money per ad watched thing? time watching the ads? how much money can i get from them? how does it work in general

It depends upon the number of times ad impressions shown and the country your user watches it. On an average it is somewhat like $1.50/1000 impressions.

im assuming “impressions” are the times people see the ads? would anything change if i show the ads in different ways, such as them displayed in the menu like normal ads or if they were shown to get a reward, like a lot of games?

Yes, you could use Rewarded Ads which in most case generates a little bit more money than normal interstitials. And there are a lot of factors depending it, for example the ad revenue can change drastically high if the user clicks on the ad. I had a day when 10 impressions was shown and my ad revenue for that day was $2.00, eCPM = $200.00

how do i set these rewarded ads up assuming i know nothing about how to do this. will i need to pay a fee to set it up? im a complete beginner in ads right now (also i dont know what interstitials or eCPM is)

It’s completely free to start, You could use ad providers like Admob, Unity Ads, Applovin, Facebook Ads etc. But currently GDevelop only supports Admob. So create an account in Admob and you can start using their service for free(only supported for mobile devices). eCPM is an average income you would generate from 1000 impressions. Interstitial ads are ad types that are forced to watch, which could be an image that can be skipped or a 5 sec video. On the other hand rewards videos can be only skipped after 30 sec.

thanks so much! let me know if you know of any way to make ads in html games made with gdevelop

hi, @PaladinGameStudios it is so easy and the AdMob set up is described well at gdevelop’s site: Ads with AdMob | GDevelop
BTW there was a way to monetize your game with Facebook Ads also. I didn’t try, but I was abt to do that couple years ago. Let me check out if I saved notes/tips/guides. I’ll share with you once I find it

I’ve found some notes, as promised. So, definitely you can add your game to Facebook Developers And then to monetize it with FB ads. As you see the video is not so fresh. So the interface of FB might be different. :sweat_smile: Anyway, the way should be clear and guess it works yet. Beside that you can use the same Facebook and Tiktok for promoting your game. IMO the 30-60 sec promo-video you can DIY with an animation software in a motion graphic or to experiment with different animation styles, for example, making it more engaging. Invesitng initially into the game promotion you’ll get more users, seeing the adds shown within your game playing and getting rewards for a long time.

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In my own experience with ads, it’s more than just a straightforward ‘watch an ad, get paid’ deal. For instance, with pay-per-click ads, I earn a bit every time someone actually clicks on an ad on my blog. The catch? Not every ad click pays the same. Some are just a few cents. Then there’s pay-per-impression, where it’s about how many people see the ad. This pays less per view but can add up over time.

Honestly, the real trick is balancing it all. Too many ads can turn off your readers, but suitable ads, especially if relevant to your content, can do pretty well.

And hey, if you’re looking to get into this, tools like adspy can be super helpful. They give you a peek into what types of ads are working well in your niche, which can really help in figuring out your own ad strategy.