Easiest way to modify instance variable?

Hi guys, I need help.
When I want to modify the object variable(instance variables), I clicked at the variable in the object properties then enter the value to the variable but I only managed to enter 1 character/number (be it string/number var) before gdevelop loss focus to the textbox (variable value field) and I need to click at the variable again to continue entering new value to the variable, how to solve this issue? Thanks.

I am using Gdevelop 5 0.139

Hi, it sounds like the same problem as described here: Editing first value of Instance Variable

Oh its a bug? I hope it can be fixed soon.

Also the position of variable in the instance variable list will be changed when you modify the variable, I hope this can also be fixed.

After you modify the instance variable then you delete the variable via double clicking object then to variable tab, the object won’t have the said variable any more except those that are modified manually will still have variable that should have been deleted, not sure if its a bug.

It will be even better if the instance variable position in the properties panel can be moved to the top so you don’t need to scroll down to find the variable.