Easy access to Jfxr and piskel editor


i would like to see an easy entrance for both editors. Maybe an icon to get access.
Especially beginners can benefit from it but it is practical for all users.

For example, it took me weeks to come across jfxr for the first time.
Gdevelop should show what it can do, if you open it the first time. :slight_smile:
My opinion…

In the appendix an example of what such a thing might look like.

One more: this could also be interesting, if LDtk will integrate in Gdevelop someday!

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There is so much empty space on that toolbar. :pensive:

I do agree too! I too only came across jfxr a long after I started using GD. And jfxr’s wiki page was only added recently.

But, I like how the current toolbar looks. It is very simple and easy on the eyes. Maybe like group jfxr and piskel to a drop down in the toolbar or something. But, still keeping the simple and uncluttered look of the toolbar