[Edit: Now available since V5.0.135] Wish for primitive changing icons

If using arrays with a large quantity of strings, (array1:0:“blah”, array1: 1:“blah1” etc.) having to go into the pulldowns to change primitive type is really slow and easy to miss one. I long for a small set of clickable icons at the side of every variable/subvariable so at a glance you could see if it was a text/numeric/boolean and (even better) if you could click on the variable type in order to change the primitive type. The icons could be a little number1 in a box for numbers, an “a” in a box for string and a check in a box for booleans…

Just a wish.



Hello nzandydean!
Thank you for your feedback.
The latest version has now a better way to deal with Variables.
Here are the improvements: Releases · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

Keep that good work going!