Editing Particle Emitter Components to match PixiParticlesEditor

Hi there!

I have an odd request but I’d find it (as I’m sure many others also would) very helpful to line up the Particle Emitter editor on GDevelop with PixiParticlesEditor which is an online editor which shows what the particles are that you’re making while you’re editing them.

PixiParticlesEditor has a few common features of the same GDevelop particle feature but if you’d like to see what I mean by lining the features on PixiParticlesEditor up with GDevelop, go to this link: PixiParticlesEditor.

I’m unsure how much time/effort it would take to implement this but I can assure you it would be immensely helpful lining GDevelop up with PixiParticlesEditor.

Have a great day/night! :slight_smile:

I’d like to extend this proposal to a rich editor for all built-in objects and behaviors. The generic ones work but provide a not so good experience: the numbers have little meaning and its hard to see. It would be cool to have a neat little preview of the values with a WYSIWYG editor.

Here’s a mockup for the platformer behavior: