Editing Templates

Hi, I am just trying to make a basic game to test this out, I was looking at the templates and I am assuming by how it is worded on the site that the templates can be used to create a game (as long as you edit it and make it look differently obviously). How would I edit a template? For instance, the Dino Runner game… I don’t want a Dinosaur as the main character. How would I edit that? I opened up the character and thought I changed it, but the Dino kept showing. Is there a way to change the character or objects out but keep the animations or behaviors?

thanks so much!

Do you mean like skins? All you’d need to do is make new animations for the skin, then make a variable string number, also make the animations pretty sorted in names, I’d say make each animation have your characters name then what you want them to do, and make the variable number change the line of animations, like if the string is 1, it will play the line of animation, I recommend making the string number the main condition then all others you want with the particular animation sub events, only do 1 character per string, I hope this isn’t confusing and good luck

thank you! That makes sense! SO what if I make a main character, but I decide I don’t like the one I chose and want to change to something else? Can I change the character out? or will i need to redo all of the animation again?

If you’re asking if you could make another charactor, then yeah, and you can keep your current one if you just make a selection thing, i could even show you a little example later if you’d like

thank you so much! I really appreciate it! That would be great! Also, what if i make a character and no longer like the one I made and want to change it to something else? Can that be done? Or just create a new one?

Like edit the character? [EDIT] here’s the example photo,

Its on a phone tho sorry, but for each characters animation, you must have their particular animations as a sub event and have the string variable on top of all that, and it will be done all for you, you can even make the character’s have new ablities and stuff, there is nothing you can’t do that you can with one character,

thank you! This is so helpful! That is exactly what I needed!