Effetto ologramma

dear GDevelop can you create a new effect (ologramm), that can make an object seems like an ologramm


Using google translate, I’m assuming you mean “Hologram”?

A few things:

  1. What do you mean by “Hologram”?
    • A hologram can be anything from a reflective object that has prismatic colors (you can change object colors already in the engine)
    • A 3D object (not a goal nor focus in GDevelop, so never going to be a primary enhancement of the engine)
    • A transparent object with a glowing outline (already possible with the layer effects in the engine today by combining numerous effects such as embossed and outline, and reducing the opacity of the object)
  2. Layer and Object Effects are based off PixiJS filters, not specific to GDevelop at this time, so once you can answer #1, youd actually probably need to request your changes from PixiJS, not GDevelop. But you’ll need to provide more detail on what you’re actually wanting (and answer #1 above) before we can tell you for sure.

like this

oh, and i’m not using google translate

Use a blue image with lesser opacity.

Unless there’s something specific I’m missing, this is just a blue hued image.

There are numerous ways to do this in the engine if your source image isn’t blue, including the adjustment and color replacer effects or the tint color sprite action.

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yes you’re right, thanks