Ellipse movement extension toggle direction problem

Hi, I’m using the ellipse movement extension with randomised radius and loop set in events. When my ellipse object collides with an (obstacle) object, I want it to change direction. But the object just keeps going past the obstacle unless I disable this action in the extension configuration:

Change the property value for the loop duration

Have I missed the point of something or is there a mistake? I also tested without randomising things using just the behaviour settings.

I wish there was an action to change the initial direction. I’d like to be able to have a group of objects have a mix of initial direction angles (left or right). Without that, I’ll probably have two sets of objects each with their own initial direction.

I’m open to suggestions of doing this whole thing a different way. I want to have a group of objects move from side to side by different amounts and slightly different speeds which means I need to specify a random range in an event. The objects must not go too far, so if they hit an obstacle then they change direction. I like the ellipse extension because the movement/radius is relative to the object. But I think that because the ‘speed’ is specified as a loop time, it means I can get an object that has a large movement/radius with a short loop which will be quite fast.

If you know that disabling an action fixes your issue, what is the problem?
Are you using the ellipse extension for movements which are not ellipses? :thinking:
If so, have you tried the “back and forth” extension or “timed back and forth” extension?

I’m not sure what you want to do is turn right or left.
If you want the object to go back, you can change the sign of the speed.

For instance, this example is turning right and left when pressing a button:

What do you want to do? Could you draw the trajectory?

I definitely should have explained better that I wasn’t using it for elliptical movement but for back and forth only. The extension description does say it’s suitable for that. I’m also using it for automatic movement so don’t have the option of manually changing direction with a key press.

I looked at the example project and have worked out the problem. The toggle direction works as expected for elliptical movement. But it doesn’t work for back and forth movement unless the action I already mentioned is disabled. So to be clear, if either the x or y axis radius is set to 0 then the toggling direction doesn’t work unless I edit the extension. But it’s good to understand now what was going on.

I’ve now changed it to this instead of disabling the action so that it will work for ellipses or back and forth:

Yes Gruk I had tried those other extensions but neither of them can have their settings changed in events, so I wouldn't be able to randomise their movement.

Haha, because the extension didn’t work as expected unless I edited it.

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