"Else" condition in GD?

Is there “Else” condition in GD? I only found “And”, “Or”, “Not” in Advanced conditions.

No, there is not a direct way, but (of course) you can emulate it with a variable:

[code]No conditions | Do = 1 Variable(else)

—Object_A collide with Object_B | Actions if A collides with B
Do = 0 Variable(else)

—Variable(else) = 1 | Actions if A doesn’t collide with B[/code]

There is another, easier way: just check for opposite condition. So if you e.g. have condition Variable A = 35, check for in next “else” condition NOT Block (Variable A = 35). No need to waste a variable.

Check a variable is less expensive than check the most of GD conditions. In my example you have to check one variable instead a collision detection (collision detections are very expensive, but not a big difference with few events).
But imagine multiple conditions, how do you make it inverting the conditions? I mean, for example you have the conditions:
A and B and not C:
your elses could be A and B and C, A and not B and not C, not A and B and not C (and 2 more useless cases), or some particular logics with OR and AND (variables in each event) :confused:
The variable system should be less expensive, easy, general, and the performance will be not affected by the number or type of conditions :slight_smile:

I have yet to see GD’s performance to be affected by number of events.