Email confirmation in FireBase does not work!

Here, my problem is that in firebase there is mail confirmation by letter, I used this, I sent it to the mail, everything is fine, but in my game it shows that the mail is not confirmed, what to do? Can you fix this in an update?

Still doesn’t show as confirmed in the game?
How does it show in your Firebase console?

Yes, still not showing up!

Where is the firebase console located?

Something like :slight_smile:

I followed the link, but it’s just the main page of firebase

@Gruk Look at what I wrote above

If you don’t even know about the Firebase console, I presume you still have much to learn.
I’m not the right person to teach you, I hardly tried it.
Please read the wiki and look for Firebase tutorials on Google.

I know what firebase is and I know how to use it a little!