Emergency Issue. Newspaper Article on Game 2 days! Admob stopped running! Please help?

Hello My stupid Admob account got disabled along with the Adsense account for an unpaid balance of $3!! I really hate google’s automation. They have no support numbers. And because I missed this, I lost my admob for 30 days!

Man this isn’t good., My game Rhythm Retro is out, and the Peterborough Examiner is doing an article on it in 2 days! And my admob is running test ads on a published game. Not only that but I won’t generate revenue until it is fixed!

Can anyone please assist me in installing an Alternative service to Admob in Gdevelop? I am extremely good at listening and learning. I installed an Online Leaderboard in my game using gdevelop, php, and my own web server from scratch. So I am capable of understanding anything.

I just really need help her. I cannot run ads properly, and I won’t make any money from my free game, I spent a year on.

Please help me! I have to get this working in 2 days.

Hi you can try http://www.applixir.com/ but I don’t know how they pay, just read their terms

How do I install a different Ad system than Admob though? I don’t program normally. I’ve never installed a SDK manually before. I used Gdevelop because it was easy and there was no coding.

Can you give me a detailed explanation or the right Tutorial online somewhere?

Bear in mind I have little to zero knowledge on actual programming of a game.

Google has let me down too many times. And I have alive game right now, going into the newspaper tomorrow, and no revenue earning, just test ads from google.

Any help to get this resolved ASAP I would be grateful.

I first need to know what format the game needs to be in to modify the code. And if I need to build it differently with Cordova, which I do have installed if need be.

It’s probably easy I just need a good explanation in lamens terms.