Enable copying between projects using solely the web app environment

  • What:
    Using only the web editor, it would make a big difference if we could copy elements from our projects (like objects, events, etcetera) to another one of our projects. Currently, we would have to recreate all the elements we would want to use in another project.

  • Why:
    High school students often only have access to Chromebooks and are therefore not able to download the desktop application. However, we would still like to have the freedom to easily share resources between our own projects since this would save a lot of time. Construct 3 currently has this feature, but our preference still goes out to GDevelop 5.

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You can do that already, it just have to be in the same tab.

As it stores the info in the browser cookies/cache (?) and not in the clipboard.

Interesting! Thank you. I tought the same browser session would be enough, but indeed it really has to be the same tab. However, it copies the object, but does not correctly copy the sprite: