Endless runner repeat platform

Hi I have tried to make an endless runner by making a variable of the scene speed set to 4 that way I can compare the y-axis of an object and make it go to another position. The problem is that the scene already have used variables (direction variable) so it doesn’t work and the scene doesn’t move at all.
How can I make the scene move anyway?
Not the camera the scene.

Can you give a screen shot of the events you have already? We don’t know what you’re doing just by explaining it.

Where is the variable of the scene speed that you’re setting to 4? Where are you comparing it to the y-axis of another object?

I have deleted the variables because they didn’t work.
But can you see why it didn’t work.

The scene doesn’t move upward.
Probably because the variable are already taken.

Why are you expecting it to move upwards if you are doing nothing to make things move? Setting the variable speed to 4 does nothing if you don’t use it. And what is setting the y position of gr to 450 if it is 900 meant to do? How does the y position of gr ever change? And if you are changing it, what if it never hits 900 exactly?

No one will be able to help you here because nothing you’ve detailed makes any sense. You’ve got a snippet that sets speed to 4. So? Where are you using the variable speed? Where are you changing the y position of gr?

We aren’t mind readers. You’re going to have to be a lot more informative about what you’re doing if you want our help.

If I put the variable in action the scene supposed to move up to my knowledge.
As I understand it when the scene goes upward the position of the GR changing according to the scene position.
Unless I supposed to make the GR move, so he changes position on its own?!
Sorry for the mass I’m still new to this.

How are you expecting the scene to move? The best way is to move the scene camera, which you aren’t doing. I also cannot see where you are changing the position of GR. You have to put actions in place that move GR. It won’t move by itself It has to be moved by something, usually being an action.


That the entire level so far.
I did the camera already.

What I can make out from your code is that you are moving the camera up the screen (270 degrees at 60 pixels per second). But you are moving GR down the screen (60 pixels per second on the y axis, which is downwards). Is this your intention?

But I want GR to repeat itself after he is go down.

GR will disappear off the bottom of the screen pretty quickly. And will continue to descend for about 15 seconds (900 = 15 seconds at 60 pixels per second). But you only move it back to 300 on the y axis, which will be way below cam, and the camera’s y position, and way way below the bottom of the screen.

Look at it this way. By the time GR reaches 900 on the y axis, cam (and the scene camera) will have reached -900 on the y axis. You then replace GR at 300, which is still 1200 pixels below cam (and the scene camera).

Ok I will change that.