Enemie vibrating when following

Hi all,

i want to start by saying, that im kind of new to gdevelop and gamedev in general.

Im trying to get a drone type enemie to follow the player with some distance.
I tried it by checking the distance betweend the 2 objects and if its below a certain value, the should move to the specified point. It does that but it wont stop moving. Making it look like its vibraiting.

Here is a screenshot:

I´ve tried making it stop after it reaches the point but it wont move at all after that.

Some one got a suggestion how to achieve what im trying to do without getting to complicated?

im also new but i would recommend you do this,
make a new event where you invert the first condition and let the action set the boolean to false, that way when the distance goes back to below 200px it will start following again

Your 1st condition checks if distance is below 200 pixels
Duplicate that condition below and invert and set FOR EXAMPLE distance is below 10 pixels
Which by it being inverted will mean above 10 pixels
And so dron will need to be in range of 10 to 200 pixels from player to follow player