Enemies Teleporting upon Player Hitting Them

How do I…

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Implement knockback upon user hitting the enemy

What is the expected result

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Enemies should be knocked away from the player from their current position upon being hit.

What is the actual result

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Enemies do receive knockback, however they teleport to their original position prior to initializing the game.

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What behaviours do you have on the enemies?

And what are the other events that aren’t in the screen snip? Are there any that move the zombie objects?

I have the following behaviors for the zombies:

There are a few events above the screenshot I provided but none of them pertain to the zombies.

EDIT: I just looked at your events and you are stopping the zombie. Is the timing an issue? As to when it gets stopped. Maybe the collision with the player is adding repeated force not just once. IDK

I tested this because I was curious. It’s applying force but not stopping the force. When the pathfinder is active it controls the position but when disabled any current permeant force takes over. The force is also additive so the longer the object is in collision and each repeated collision adds more force.

I think the built-up force is making it teleport because it’s moving so fast.

To fix it you could use a wait, a timer and stop the object or instead of force use a position tween. A tween would be nice. X() + 100 or whatever value. Set the direction based on the side it’s on.