Enemy A.I beat em up

Im making a beat em up game similar to arcade
games like Cadillacs andar dinossaurs Or final fight, i’m Not getting to make the enemy a.i, some one can help me? I get make the enemy move to the player and give a punch but only this, I cant do The enemy back to “think” Infelizmente another behaviour

I Made

If distance between enemy and player = 100 move enemy to the player position and change the animation to “walk”

If distance between enemy and player = 20 pixels enemy change the animation to “atack”

Only this

Try doing “equal or greater than” OR “equal or less than”…
otherwise the enemy has to be exactly equal to the number you entered (100 or 20)


Thanks bro im working in that

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Hello, I have found this post looking for solutions and I have a follow up question. When I use Distance between two objects, I dont see an options to set greater than or less than. Are you using a different command?

Uploading: image.png…

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