Enemy collision unsolved problem

hi guys, i have this unresolved problem for a long time. I have pathfinding enemies that move in an enclosed area. I have activated obstacle pathfinding to enemies but it is not calculated having already activated the behavior pathfinding. I would like to find a way to make the enemies turn in the enclosed space without them crashing when they collide. Someone advised me to use physics for collisions.
this is my code

When enemies collide they get stuck … how can I change the direction of the enemies or make them collide with each other by simulating physics?

Can you explained more detailed?, like with a drawing?.

Did you try implementing the solution @Silver-Streak gave in an earlier post?

I refer to the post linked by mrman. Thats solves my problem partially, when the enemies detect the player the issue is fixed. But when the enemies move randomly without chasing the player and they collide they get stuck in each other. Anyone knows how to code this?

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