Enemy gains 1000+ lives after being dead ? Enemy Health

when the enemy dies he spawns again but this time he should get 1000+ lives than before and if he dies again and again he gets 1000+ lives. how does this work need help guys

You should use “change the value” action instead of “change the maximum value”

It doesn’t work, he doesn’t get life, it always stays the same

Remove the “or” and “trigger once” conditions you don’t need those. Also change the condition “the value of bar” <= 0 (instead of < 0) since the minimum value is 0.

Doesn’t work as soon as he has almost 0 hp he heals himself by 1000+ but he should die first and start the next round with 1000+ more life

You are only changing the maximum value, you need to change the current value aswell.

it worked thank you !