Enemy Pathfinder

1.how to make enemy with Pathfinder behaviour no jumping while i m jumping?
2.how to stop an enemy with pathfinder behaviour while i m shooting him?I add force to the bullet but it doesnt work.
I m trying to make a side scrolling game like metal slug

For #2, you could do something like “when Pathfinder is in Collision with Bullet” “Deactivate Pathfinding Behavior” (ensure you do Run Once)

Then also have “(Invert) when pathfinder is in collision with bullet” “Activate Pathfinding behavior” (Also run once).

Not sure about the first one.

Side scrolling game and pathfinding , in resume , pathfinding and platformer ?
Did you have seen any video tutorial about this pathfinding ? It’s not against you but a very bad tutorial existing about this and mislead the user.
Just to be clear , pathfinding is only build for top down view. There is no attribute of gravity in this behavior.

i give up Pathfinding on emeny on the grounds but still i need pathfinding on flying enemy.
Not too much material on youtube about enemy AI,what u suggest?any ideas?

i need the enemy moving few pixel when they are in collision with bullet.On Pathfinding the enemy doesnt move. I added force to enemy while pathfinding but it doesnt move.

enemy behaviour are the most important part in the game development.

i just try and is not working on bullet