[Enhancement]Piskel: default folder

When using piskel to cut certain sprites, we should always do two things:
1 - Select the image
2 - Select the location where this image will be stored

And if we have to do it multiple times, it becomes boring and unproductive.
The idea would be to improve where the images are stored after cutting them.

For example: If my image that I’m going to cut is inside the assets/object_1 folder, automatically the folder where the cut files will be saved should go there, without the user having to set it every time he makes a cut.

See the video below:

However, if it’s not inside the project’s working folder, it would be nice to create an assets/object name folder automatically, this would avoid messing up the project’s root folder

As a general heads up, keep in mind that GDevelop is currently not designed for any folder structures (including subfolders) beyond the main project folder.

While there is basic support for assets in subfolders, or in other folders entirely, this is generally not recommended, and is why the engine asks if you want to move it to the main project folder (even if it is in a subfolder).

Piskel follows this logic as well, although I think that is just Piskel’s default behavior anyway. I’m not sure if those defaults can be modified without modifying Piskel’s code in general, either.

That said, I’m not saying this is or isn’t possible, I’m just adding context on current behavior.

In this case, what would just need to happen is, when loading a file through the piskel, the path of the file where it will be saved should be the same as the loaded one. I believe this would not be so difficult to do.

However, this path only changes if the file is inside the project folder, otherwise it would remain as it is.

Yep, makes sense to me (or at least some kind of preferences to piskel in regards to saving).

I just don’t know if the dev team can/will make changes to the Piskel system since it’s technically just a bundled library, but it has happened in the past, so it is still possible.

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