Enhancing sound design in Gdevelop: Real-Time effects integration


I’m a sound designer and developer for video games. Currently, I’m using Gdevelop for an upcoming project, and the audio aspect of my project holds significant importance. I believe that Gdevelop could greatly benefit from incorporating basic effects such as EQ, filters, reverbs, and more. While I can handle most tasks independently, having the ability to adjust these effects in real time would tremendously enhance the software’s value. Do you think it’s feasible to integrate such features into Gdevelop?

Thank you!

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Would an FMOD integration satisfy your needs? I believe it is the industry standard and although it is proprietary, it is free for indie devs.

There are some things that I do wish that would be in GDevelop, but are not.

  1. Ability to load any sound/music file while the game is running, IE for something like a music player or rhythm game. (You either drag and drop file or open file explorer to select said file)

  2. ways of creating audio visualizers. Like perhaps “get a volume value of 0 to 1 in the frequency range (Specified by user) from a sound channel (Specified by user)” This can also be very useful for rhythm games.

  3. Ability to get extra info out of a sound/music file through metadata. IE album cover image, Title, Artist, Album, Composer etc.

Personally for me I’m fine with how it is so far but I do think these would be great additions.

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Hope they add all this things

Is it possible to use FMOD with GDevelop? If yes, it would be ideal, I frequently use it in my work, and it would be a significant enhancement for the audio part of GDevelop! Isn’t it possible to integrate such effects natively into the software? (Basic ones like reverbs or EQ?)

It is technically possible, they have an implementation for web-based games. There is only two limitations: The game cannot connect directly to FMOD Studio, thus you would be unable to use the Live Update or Profiling features, and it is not possible to load FMOD Core plugins, since these are dynamically linked libraries and cannot be loaded by a browser.

Until an extension/integration is built though, you would need to use JavaScript to interface with it.

Not easily… I think the WebAudio API can do that on the web, but we use an abstracted sound system that can fallback to the HTML5 Audio API if the WebAudio one is not available, and as such, it only supports basic features that are shared by both APIs…

It is likely possible but would need another WebAudio-only sound system to be made, maybe as an extension.

I will try to look for FMOD on my side, for now I manage to implement my sounds correctly in Gdevelop despite some disadvantages, I hope that for the future extensions can be integrated!

Thank you for your answers!