Erase at colouring book game

Hi guys…i try to make simple drawing book for kid.
im stuck at deleting the object,i want to make eraser. if the screen is touch at the pointed position the colour/object is deleted.

Make a 3*3 px object called eraser, and make it follow the cursor when pickcolour is 0. Then, if mouse button is down and eraser object is in collision with Colours (group of objects), delete Colours.

hi gruk, thanks for reply.
I found it bro grukk…thanks.i can erase the colour/object i draw earlier.
but the position i erased before, cant be draw again.
the same problem occur…if i draw a blue colour at the image…and want to overwrite it with red colour it cant be done.
please teach me bro gruk…:joy:
sorry for my bad english.

You need only one eraser, you cannot use the same technique you use for colors.
Create it once when pickcolour is 0 and add another event so the eraser always follows the cursor.
Then delete the eraser when pickcolour is not 0.

thanks bro…its done with this event…but i still not understand about follow the cursor event. i need to learn more tutorial.:joy:

bro do you have better event(condition&event) to make this kind of game?so i can learn better way

my bad i still cant overwrite the colour.

You don’t need these & lines.
To make the eraser follow the cursor, add a new line, a main event, without condition, with “change position of Eraser”.
Did you create the group of objects Colour and put the colours inside?

yes i did created the group of Colour.
i understand the follow the cursor now. thanks bro
i still cant overwrite the colour with another at the image, but i think its fine
thank you so much for your time gruk

I think if you erase, you can replace with another color.
If you want to overwrite with another color, you need to adjust the z-order of your colors. Check out the wiki for details.

yes bro, i can erase it first then draw the colour again.

My little query is that i have a group with objects like cloud, plants, sun etc…(a lot of them)
i want this group to change positions according to my ratio i have set.
but when i do…it sets perfectly the position of the first object in the group…and the rest of it just gets mixed here and there.

Is there a way to change the position of all the objects in my group to their nee position?

For example: if i want all objects to shift 20px to the left in X axis and 50px down in Y axis from their current positions.

Kindly help.